Complete Tree Services in Ormond Beach, FL

As you can imagine, trees in Ormond Beach play a vital role in helping keep our natural environments clean and provide shady places to relax during those hot summer days.  Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize the importance of proper tree trimming.  Without regular tree services, trees will continue to grow to dangerous heights.  This makes them susceptible to falling over during heavy winds or thunderstorms and causing severe damage and injuries to homes, cars and people.  Tree branches may become entangled with power lines potentially knocking out electricity and sparking a fire.

Tree Trimming

At Matt’s Pro Arbor Care, our tree trimming service, also known as tree pruning, maintains the appearance, shape, safety and structural integrity of the trees on your property.  Our trained tree specialists not only enhance the beauty of your trees, they help protect them from disease, insects and rotting.  We also provide complete tree care services in Edgewater, Port Orange and other Volusia County communities.

Tree and Stump Removal

Sometimes one or more trees need to be removed from your property due to disease, rotting or because they need to be relocated to a safer area of the property. Many communities require a tree removal permit authorized by an arborist.  Matt’s Pro Arbor provides complete tree removal services including stump grinding.  Our technicians use specialized tools and equipment that allow us to safely remove tall trees.  Our stump grinding machine grinds the stump into small chips. You can use the chips as mulch around your trees and shrubs or we can haul it away. Once the stump is removed the area can be covered with sod or another tree can be planted in its place.

Storm Debris and Underbrush Removal

We also provide professional storm debris and underbrush removal in Ormond Beach, Edgewater, Port Orange and surrounding communities.  Underbrush is a concern during the summer season as our warm, dry heat can spark a fire that can quickly spread out of control and engulf an entire property in flames in a matter of seconds. 

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Tree Services in Ormond Beach, FL
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