Affordable Tree Services in Deltona, FL

Matt’s Pro Arbor Care provides a full range of professional tree services including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, underbrush removal and storm debris removal for commercial and residential customers in Deltona, DeBary and Port Orange, FL.

We have been providing quality and affordable tree services in the Deltona area for more than 15 years. And since trees can become a safety hazard and potentially cause injury and property damage if not properly maintained, we will even barter for good and services for customers short on funds.

Tree Trimming Service

Periodic tree trimming is important for maintaining optimum tree health. Overgrown trees and branches are more susceptible to diseases and insects that can potentially kill a tree and require its removal. Our Arborists use specialized tools and equipment to carefully trim the overgrown tree branches and shape the tree.

Tree Removal

When a tree is dead, decaying or is a danger to people or property, tree removal may be required. In some municipalities a tree removal permit signed by an Arborist is required. We have the equipment and experience to safely remove small and tall trees from any property. Our technicians will get the job down quickly and safely. But once a tree is removed, the stump is left behind. Since this can be a safety issue we recommend removing the stump. Our industrial grade stump grinding machines will grind away the stumps into tiny chips on-site. We can haul away the stump grindings or bag them for you to be used as mulch.

Underbrush and Storm Debris Removal

We also provide underbrush and storm debris removal services. Underbrush can be a fire hazard, especially during hot and dry days. And it can also be a hotbed for mosquitos, insects and bacteria. After heavy rains and storms, it is not unusual to have leaves, branches and other debris litter the property. In addition, to its being a safety hazard and breeding ground for insects, it can clog sewer and septic systems and should be removed as soon as possible.

Free Estimates

For a free tree services estimate in Deltona, FL, contact us at (386) 500-8012 today! Ask about our senior discount.

Tree Trimming in Deltona, FL
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