Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Service for Your Daytona Beach Home or Business

While trees naturally enhance our Daytona Beach, FL properties they also play an important role in protecting our environment. Trees remove carbon dioxide and other toxins from the air and replace it with the oxygen we need to breathe, and as they grow their majestic beauty shines as bright as the Central Florida sun. But just like people, trees need care and periodic tree maintenance. Otherwise, one blow from Mother Nature could cause even the most imposing trees to topple over resulting in expensive property damage. At Matt’s Pro Arbor Care we offer both tree trimming and tree removal as part of our residential and commercial professional tree service.

Tree Trimming and Tree Maintenance

Does your Daytona Beach property have overgrown trees? We provide complete tree care including a professional tree trimming and tree maintenance service in Daytona Beach and surrounding Volusia County communities. Our arborists have been part of the Central Florida landscape for more than fifteen years and they have the training and expertise to care for the variety of trees, such as the Water Elm, Spruce Pine, and Sweet Acacia that are common in our community. We understand how important it is to prevent damage to other parts of the tree while trimming because damaged bark can lead to infections which may be detrimental to the overall health of the tree. That is why we perform collar cuts during our tree trimming / tree pruning process to leave the tree with a clean, neat and healthy appearance that also gives the tree a chance to heal.

Tree Removal

Do you have dying trees on your property? Or maybe you have healthy trees that are threatening a structure like your house or garage? Our tree removal experts will provide a free safety inspection and determine the best way to eliminate the threat. We will utilize our 60’ bucket truck to go all the way to the top and remove the tree in sections to ensure nothing damages your property during the tree removal process. We also have a bobcat and chipper to get rid of the debris after the tree has been taken down.

Underbrush Removal and Storm Debris Removal

Our debris removal team will come to your property and remove all underbrush eliminating your exposure to a fire while also clearing the land so the primary trees on your property can flourish. Our debris removal team is also available to clean up your property after a violent storm has passed through. The team will gather and remove all loose debris from your property, and remove all loose branches from your trees, in a timely manner. This will ensure your property remains neat and clean and it will eliminate exposure to loose flying debris should another storm develop before you have a chance to clear the property yourself.

Contact Matt’s Pro Arbor Care today at (386) 500-8012 for a free tree service estimate at your Daytona Beach home or business. We comply with all state, local and federal regulations!

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